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Are Wedding Blogs Still Relevant?

I’ve seen it come up in photography groups on Facebook time and time again. Many photographers have grown tired of wedding blogs and are questioning whether they are still relevant in a time where so many people are planning their weddings via social media sites such as Pinterest or Instagram.

When you’re just starting out, getting your work featured on a blog is exciting. And slowly you start to collect a number of “Featured On” badges to display on your website. But submitting work to wedding blogs can be a time consuming process, and to go through it all, only to have your submission declined, can be quite demotivating. Then there’s the fact that so many blogs are featuring an abundance of styled shoots that you’ve seen time and time again, and you worry your real-life couples simply aren’t blog worthy.

But I strongly believe that blogs still have a very important place in the wedding industry, and should still be considered by photographers as a way of marketing their business.

So how can working with wedding blogs benefit your business?

The statistics are clear that many couples are using social media to plan their weddings more today than ever before. And Instagram and Pinterest are right at the top of those lists. So should you just concentrate your marketing efforts on those platforms and forget about blogs?

For anyone who has ever studied marketing, there is a thing called the “Rule of 7”. In other words, a potential client would need to come in to contact with you/your work an average of 7 times before they are ready to buy from you (or enquire about your services). But statistics are now showing that in the digital world that we live in today, this number is closer to 20. That means we need to be getting out work out there even more if we want to get in front of our target clients.

This post isn’t about all the different ways that you can get in front of your target clients. I’ll do a future blog post on that and it’s something I’ll cover in my upcoming online course. But I 100% believe that blogs are still one of the best ways to get your work seen. Having your work featured on a blog has many benefits:

  1. Increased Brand Visibility – Your work is being featured somewhere that isn’t your own website. Having your work featured in multiple places increases the chances of someone seeing it.
  2. Bragging Rights – You already know you are awesome, and perhaps you don’t need to get your work featured on a blog to re-confirm that. But a potential client who is looking through your website might be impressed with your “Featured In” badge as it adds an extra level of credibility to you and your brand.
  3. Backlinks – Social media might be powerful, but Google is still a huge influence in how people search for things. And getting yourself seen in the top ranking sites on Google can be a challenge. Getting your work published on a blog means a link from an external website back to your blog, which helps boost your Google ranking. Most wedding blogs tend to have a higher domain authority, so getting a backlink from them is a great boost to your SEO ranking.
  4. Wider Reach – Most blogs will share the images and feature across their social media platforms too. And every share, every pin, every re-tweet is more publicity (and free publicity) for you. And it helps get you those vital points of contact that will bring you those new enquiries.

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  1. I think there will always be a place for wedding blogs. Getting married and planning a wedding will always be a daunting task. Blogs can be a great resource for couples. As a wedding photographer myself, I always try and update my blog with tips and resources for my couples!