Austrian Alps

3-Day Trekking Retreat



Karwendel Traverse

3-day Trek

Tirol, Austria

3-Day Hut-to-Hut Trek

in the

Karwendel Nature Reserve

Join me for some time out this summer in some of Austria's most beautiful mountains. The Karwendel Nature Reserve is home to dramatic rocky mountain peaks, green meadow pastures and diverse wildlife, such as golden eagles and ibex


The Power of Adventure

Getting comfortable

with being uncomfortable

Most of the time in life, when things get uncomfortable, we run in the other direction. But being in the outdoors, when you're on an adventure, you have to make peace with the fact that there are going to be moments when things will be uncomfortable. You can't just turn around and go home. You have to learn to get comfortable and lean in to your discomfort - and realise that it's always only temporary.




Adventure often forces you to go to the edge of your comfort zones and test your limits. Only then, can you learn that you are actually capable of SO MUCH MORE than you give yourself credit for. If you can do this, what else can you achieve?

There's a reason some of the best adventures are known as "type 2" fun. These adventures test you. They make you want to quit. They make you wonder why you signed up for this damn thing in the first place when you could be at home watching Netflix. But when it's all said and done, when you fight and push yourself like never before, and you watch that sunrise from a mountain summit with wild mountain goats grazing around you, you are reminded of one of the most important things in life:


The Route

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


110m vertical gain

1500 descent

5 hours hiking


1400m vertical gain

9 hours hiking


870m vertical gain

6 hours hiking

The start and end point of the hike are on train/bus connections from Innsbruck.

What's Not Included:

- Hut costs
(approx. €50 per night + food / €25 for Alpenverein)

- Food & Drinks
- Travel to and from the trailhead

What's Included In The Price:

- Guiding for 3 days with a certified hiking guide (Cat)

- Pre-departure Zoom meeting

- An epic adventure!

The Cost

Incl. VAT


How fit do I need to be?

While this hike isn't technically challenging, it will be physically demanding, so you do need to have a good level of physical fitness.

If you aren't sure, please ask me!

You also don't need to be experienced in hiking. As long as you are physically fit and up for the challenge, you will be fine. I'll make sure you have the right gear for the adventure.

Where should I stay before & After the trek?

I recommend staying in Innsbruck. There are flights and regular buses and trains from Innsbruck to many other major European cities. On the first morning of the hike, we will take the train to the trailhead, and on the last day we will return to Innsbruck by train.

What is the food & accommodation like?

For the two nights that we are sleeping along the trail, the accommodation is basic. We're sleeping in Alpine Association mountain huts. These huts are in very remote locations, sometimes with limited water and electricity. Rooms are shared, often with mixed gender. Think of it a bit like a backpackers hostel but in the most stunning locations you've ever seen.

Food in the huts is also very basic - but you'll get a warm meal and there's always beer and wine on the menu! However, if you do have complicated dietary needs, it can be somewhat limiting. I'm a celiac vegetarian, and I do get fed, but I usually have some food in my backpack as a backup just in case.

To learn more about mountain huts, read this blog post

Interested in coming along?

So I can get an idea of numbers, fill in the form if you are interested in coming along for the adventure!