I Don’t Want To Cure My Imposter Syndrome

I hadn’t been on LinkedIn long when I got this message:

“Hi Cat, I noticed you have an interest in the topic of impostor syndrome and got curious when I read what you do for a living. I’d love to connect! We created an entire Institute to bring people together who are interested in stamping it out worldwide.”

But here’s the thing – yes, imposter syndrome can be something that holds a lot of people back. I know it still holds me back in many ways.

But do I want to eliminate my imposter syndrome?


I want to get better at embracing my imposter syndrome – and learn to listen to what it’s really trying to teach me.

When my imposter syndrome is screaming at me the loudest, saying “I’m not (insert adjective) enough”, I know it’s because that thing must be really important to me.

Imposter syndrome often shows up when we feel fear. Not the “I’m about to be eaten by a lion” fear. 

The deep fear when something we deeply desire is within our reach and we’re terrified we may actually get it.

Imposter syndrome shows up when we are surrounded by inspiring, incredible people.

It shows up when we step outside of the safety of our comfort zone.

Sure, I can eliminate my imposter syndrome if I keep playing small, stop trying to grow, don’t try new things and never leave my comfort zone.

But that’s definitely not somewhere I ever want to be.

Do you?

When do you hear the voices of imposter syndrome at their loudest?

What do you think they are REALLY trying to tell you?

Photo of Cat Ekkelboom-White

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