Shadow Shopper Audit

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Curious why you might be losing clients to your competitors?

This Shadow Shopper Audit will compare you with your top competitors, to give you an honest reflection of whether you really stand out as much as you think you do.



How much do you really stand out from your competition?

So many people think that it’s obvious what makes them different from their competitors. Yet time and time again, I see websites built using the same templates, with similar branding and an almost identical layout. The text is full of the same cliches and the images aren’t so dramatically different from one another.

No matter what the industry, I’ve seen it time and time again. A large number of people follow the trends set and the methods taught by a small few. And the result is a sea of monotony. Everyone ends up looking and sounding the same. Then they start to wonder why nobody is booking them, or the wrong kinds of clients keep showing up.

Can potential clients ACTUALLY tell what makes you different?

Following the trends in your industry and using all the “in” phrases and quotes might make you fit in amongst your peers and make you look and sound like you belong in the industry. But that’s the last thing you want!

A great brand attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones.

If you want to consistently attract your ideal clients, NOT price shoppers, then you need to


We’re not talking a sanitised dating profile. You know what I mean. A photo of you looking cool and a bio about your love of walks through the forest and pumpkin space lattes. BORING AF.

Your clients want to know why YOU are different to all the other people they have already looked at.

Most importantly, they want to know why you are better qualified than anyone else to help them achieve their dream.

Are you currently showing them that?

But are you really?

Shadow Shopper Audit

That’s why I decided to offer the Shadow Shopper Audit.

No more guessing what you think your website is saying.

No more assuming that people understand what makes you different.

How it works

I’m going to visit your website, as well as your top 2-3 competitors, and I’m going to do it as if I was a potential client. I want to know as little about your business as possible, so that when I land on your site, I’m seeing it with fresh and unbiased eyes.  As I look through yours, and your competitors sites, I’m going to record my journey and my thoughts as I do.

Will I be able to recognise what your unique offer is?

Will I be able to see what makes you different from the rest?

Some of the things I’ll be looking at include:

  • Who do I think your target audience is?
  • Is it clear what you offer? And what you don’t?
  • How similar are you to your competitors?
  • How different are you to your competitors?
  • Can I identify what makes you different? Is that clear, and is it enough for me to book you above someone else?

How To Purchase:
1. Add the Shadow Shopper Audit to your cart
2. In the “Order Notes” add your website, followed by your top 3 competitors websites

What You’ll Receive:

You’ll get a ~30 minute video from me, plus a short written summary about what my initial impressions were. What did I think made you different? Did I even find anything that made you different? Or were you clearly standing out as being different to your competitors, and that came across clearly.

Are you ready to find out?