A podcast for photographers who want to make a positive impact

The Photographers for People & Planet podcast is a space to discuss issues of sustainability, ethics, diversity and inclusion on the context of being a professional photographer.

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  • In this episode, I introduce two key terms when looking at your impact as a photographer or media creator – footprint and brainprint. Want to learn more? Read the blogpost for photographic examples: https://photographersforpeopleandplanet.com/understanding-footprint-brainprint-in-photography/
  • This episode is a quick introduction to the newly rebranded podcast. Formerly titled "The Entrepreneurial Expedition", the podcast has rebranded to align with the work of Photographers for People and Planet. Future episodes and collaborations will focus on issues of sustainability, ethics, diversity, and inclusion and how they relate to running a professional photography business.
  • In this episode, we take a dive into conscious copywriting, and look at some of the most popular destination wedding 'buzzwords' and how their use can be problematic. Read the blog: https://adventureweddingacademy.com/conscious-copywriting-12-words-to-eliminate-in-your-marketing/
  • At the end of each wedding season, I sit down and do an energy audit across my businesses. This slower time of year allows me to reflect on the months that have passed, and they help me to make sure that the work I do over the winter months is fully aligned with where I […]
  • Does being a wedding photographer have an expiry date? In this episode, I chat with the wonderful Nadia Meli about why she decided to walk away from her thriving wedding photography business, the fear that comes from leaving and why it's important to live in integrity with yourself. Who is Nadia Meli? Italian born, German […]
  • Have you ever heard of the term "work-life blend?" This definitely resonates with me more than the more common term, "work-life balance". In this mini episode, I'll explain why.

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