Elopement Photography Contract + Email Templates Bundle

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As a photographer, adventure weddings open you up to a new world of risk and liability issues that you wouldn’t encounter with a more traditional wedding. Which means a traditional wedding photography contract is probably leaving you vulnerable. This template contract will help you to protect yourself better.

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Are You Shooting Adventure Weddings & Elopements?

Adventurous weddings and elopements are awesome! Working with couples who want to incorporate hiking or snowboarding into their wedding day or who want to travel to a remote location can be a lot of fun. But if you are still using your standard wedding photography contract for these types of weddings, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable. For these more adventurous weddings, you need a more comprehensive photography contract that covers a number of situations that you wouldn’t have in a traditional wedding.

Why Do I Need An Elopement Photography Contract?

If you are shooting weddings in more remote locations, helping couples by suggesting locations for the elopement or doing some kind of outdoor or sporting activity, you need a contract that covers you should something not go as planned. Many of the locations and activities involved in adventure weddings and elopements come with much higher risks, such as:

– Increased risk of injury
– Being far from medical assistance
– Extreme weather

This elopement photography contract template covers the following clauses:

+ Description of Services
+ Price & Payment Terms
+ Travel Fees
+ Cancellation Terms
+ Rescheduling Terms
+ Copyright & Image Use
+ Artistic Style
+ Client Responsibilities
+ Limitation of Liability
+ Force Majeure

+ Assumption of Risk
+ Location Disclaimer
+ Editing Style & Limitations
+ Delivery of Images
+ Handling of Digital Data
+ Storage & Archiving of Images
+ Harassment Clause
+ Governing Law


Why buy a template contract?

Being able to take a pre-written template to your lawyer/solicitor and explaining the type of work that you do could save you hundreds in comparison to getting a completely new contract written. Especially since most charge by the hour!


What’s Included In This Pack?

As part of the contract template, you’ll receive the following:

+ Customisable elopement photography contract template in .docx format
+ Usage guidelines
+ Cover email template

As part of the email templates, you’ll get 30+ email templates covering the following subjects:

+ Initial enquiry response email & follow-up sequence that converts
+ My full elopement workflow email sequence
+ Response to difficult questions such as discount requests, asking for RAW files, re-edits, non-disclosure and many more
+ Busy location disclaimer
+ Responding to an unhappy client
+ Sending image gallery to vendors email template


This contract is written in English and checked by lawyers in Austria (EU) and is applicable under Austrian Law. For photographers in other countries, this contract should be used as a guide only. Legal definitions may vary across Countries and States, therefore it is important to consult a lawyer in your own country or state for specific legal advice relating to your business.


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