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When I started Wild Connections Photography in 2015, my dream wasn't to shoot 100 weddings a year. I know that not everyone aspires to build a six-figure business, because I didn't either (although I have). I wanted to build a profitable and sustainable business that supported the lifestyle I wanted to live.

As cliche as it sounds, I believe that you don't have to choose between success in business and living life how you want to. I believe in intentionally creating the life that you want - whether that's more freedom to travel the world or more time to spend with your family. You can have it all!




Stop Wasting Time

Are you trying to run your business the same way all your competitors are? Are you following the same strategies as everyone else and feel like you are constantly fighting to stand out?

You don't need another online course or to follow someone else's marketing strategy. As a transformational coach and NLP practitioner, let's start re-writing the script and doing things a different way...

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In two months of working with Cat I've accomplished more in my business than I had in the last ten months.

Cat's knowledgeable on so many aspects of running a business and it shows. From making sure my branding was clear to SEO strategy and marketing, Cat has been there to guide me through it all. Being mentored by someone who's established in the industry has been irreplaceable.

Mentoring with Cat will make all the difference if you're feeling stuck and looking to change. I have found so much clarity in what direction I want to take in my business since working with her.  Go hire her now, seriously! She has helped me find my spark and excitement for running a photography business again. My only regret is that I didn't reach out sooner.

- Christine Madeux
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The pros and cons of having your prices displayed on your website.

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