Affiliate Marketing For Photographers

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How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Since the pandemic, more and more photographers are looking at how they can diversify their income across multiple streams – which is always a smart idea.

And while there are increasing messages telling photographers to diversify, they are primarily focused on how to create an online course or sell products such as presets or templates. But these are not passive income streams by a long way. The initial time investment required to create them can be huge. And that still doesn’t guarantee that anyone is going to buy it once you have.

I’m a huge fan of affiliate marketing. It’s a fantastic way to add some (semi-)passive* income streams to your existing photography income. It’s easy to get started with, and you can work with content that you already have at the beginning.

* I use the term (semi-)passive income because I don’t believe any income stream is 100% passive. There is almost always some time investment involved to get things started, but there some income streams require more time investment than others.

It works really well with an existing SEO strategy and can help provide additional value to your existing audience without you having to feel like you’ve got a new product you need to try to market and sell.

I started to integrate affiliate links into my existing strategy in late 2019, just in a small way to start with. When weddings in Europe came to a complete stop during the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, I was glad I’d already done some groundwork. I continued to build on what I’d already done, and after a couple of months I was earning €200-300 a month from affiliate commissions. Now in 2022, I’m tracking around €1000+ of affiliate income every month.

Here are screenshots of two of my affiliate analytics dashboards from January 2022:

In this course, I want to teach you how I did this for my business and how you can do the same for your audience too.

We’ll cover:

✅ What exactly is affiliate marketing

✅ How it works

✅ How to seamlessly incorporate affiliate marketing into your business

✅ The top affiliate marketing networks for photographers & how to join them

Are you ready to start adding affiliate earnings to your income?