Embracing Uncertainty

Hey friend!

Let’s talk about uncertainty. 

I feel like our lives have been full of it over the last few years, first with the pandemic and now with the so-called “cost of living crisis”.

But uncertainty isn’t something new. As business owners (and humans), uncertainty appears in many areas of our lives. Perhaps ironically, uncertainty is something that is certain – we can’t always know what lies ahead.

Business operating in the wedding industry don’t (or rarely) get repeat clients – so we never really know when the next booking is coming. The weather forecast for your next elopement is never 100% trustworthy.

Uncertainty is a part of life, and a part of running a business.

Sometimes we embrace this uncertainty, seeing it as an exciting challenge, but sometimes we avoid it.

As a recovering control-freak, I know when uncertainty can start to spark anxiety. But it doesn’t need to.

As humans, we have a natural impulse to explore and learn. Exploration and discovery go hand-in-hand with uncertainty if we learn to embrace it.

Here are some great questions to journal around uncertainty and your relationship with it:

What is a good amount of uncertainty?

What does “safe uncertainty” FEEL like for me?

What makes me go from feeling comfortable with uncertainty to feeling uncomfortable?

Where might I be avoiding uncertainty?

What might I be doing to avoid uncertainty?

When you start by exploring your thoughts, behaviours and actions, you gain awareness. What actions are serving you, and what aren’t?

Once you have awareness, you can choose to look at your thoughts and behaviours, and if you’re ready, try this amazing reframe:

When things start to feel uncertain, try asking yourself the following questions:

Where do things feel uncertain?

Where do things feel full of possibility?

Can you feel the positive power behind that second question ?

Just by changing the language you are using, and reframing your view on a situation, you can discover so many things that were’t visible to you before.

This is one of the powerful things about working 1:1 with a coach. A coach can recognise when uncertainty is keeping you stuck, often before you can. A coach knows what questions to ask to help you to see the situation completely differently and start using it to your advantage.

If you’re ready to change your world and start working with me, click on the link below to learn more about 1:1 coaching:

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